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Friday, May 28, 2010

Paying cash did,nt work

Every frugal website and budgeting blog will tell you that paying by cash is the only way to go in this present economic climate, and that most business,s nowadays offer money off incentives if you splash the cash. Well it,s about time somebody told my local Garage owner about the offers, after going to the bank to make sure I had enough cash in my purse, I walked along to pick up my car, it was about a fifteen minute walk in the rain, but with my cold and feeling as weak as I did I thought it was going to be worth it to get the expected discount, oh boy was I let down when he refused to budge on the price. He even made me feel guilty about insinuating that an honest business man "overcharged" ( his words not mine ) And so I forked out the full amount of the repair. So where did I go wrong, was I not strong enough ?? Or can you only do this in a situation where you can walk away without buying anything ?? Or has he got his words down pat as he is asked so often ??

Payday today
  • $ 397.00 car repair ( as stated no discount given
  • $ 4.50 Groceries ( bread and cat food ( ran out before tomorrows shop )
  • $10.00 Fish & Chips ( my share of tonights meal

Already I know there will be none of my wages left to save, I am getting impatient to see some progress, I,ve seen all the areas in which I went wrong, but I am so far behind with everything I,m constantly catching up. Still I can see the wood for the trees, and it will happen.


  1. I think you are supposed to ask people before you agree to buy. Once they did the work, they know you have to pay. I usually say, I don't have a lot of money, is there a way it can be less if I pay cash? Then it doesn't sound like an insult and a lot of times they want to help.

    Don't charge here. hehe!

  2. Thanks for that Leigh-Ann, he definitely had me over a barrel as I so needed my car back. I,m going to try your technique next time.


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