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Friday, May 21, 2010

A penny for them

I had an epiphany today, it,s been years in the coming but at last I have worked out that my spending is an addiction. I always just thought that I was silly with money but last night I lay in bed and worked out in my head exactly what I was going to spend my money on and I managed to get rid of it down to the last cent. I was feeling really pleased about how I thought I was managing it when all of a sudden a lightbulb went on, and I realised that this happened every single pay day and had been how I viewed my money as something to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible before the next wage came into my bank. Why I do this I have no idea, maybe I,ve managed to convince myself that I dont earn enough for it to allow me savings and so to prove myself correct I spend it all. In my head you cant save odd sums of money or amounts less than $100.00 and my list goes on and on, one excuse after another, from now on that all changes. I do deserve to have financial security and all the negative notions I have are behind me, it,s going to take me another few weeks to get my bills paid off and start saving but I am going to manage it this time, wish me luck.

Today I spent
  1. $322.05 Electricity Bill
  2. $20.00 petrol
  3. $10.00 entertainment
  4. $5.00 morning tea

I,m still waiting to find out how much the meccanic is going to charge me for my car repair, I also have a phone bill and car rego to be paid.


  1. Just think how exciting it will be when those debts are gone and you can begin to plan for your retirement!

  2. Jolie it,s what keeps me going.


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