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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love Champagne

I have the Mother and Father of all colds, yesterday I slept more or less from 10.30am until this morning at 7.00am with a few breaks for sustenance and the toilet. So I am sitting here at the Computer with Paracetamol, paper tissues and fluids. Yuk.

One of the few luxuries I enjoy is a glass or two of Champagne, and it has to be a reasonably good bottle, not a Moet I can,t afford to run to that kind of expense, but definitely not a cheap bottle either, I hate those sparkling lolly waters. So I picked up a book to read from my local Library called Vintage and as the front cover was a bottle of bubbly I took it home. In the Prologue I discovered something about my favourite tipple that I had,nt heard before so I thought I would share it.

" Without dirt, there would be no Champagne. As you hold your glass to the light and admire the pale golden fizz inside, consider this: a perfectly clean flute and your bubbly would not bubble. There would be no sparkle to your sparkling wine. Each glittering chain that rises to the surface originated from an inperfection; a minute blemish on the crystal, a fibre from a tea`towel or a tiny speck of dust. I,m thinking that people are like Champagne our flaws are what makes us sparkle. "

I love that it makes me feel better about my flaws, and imperfections, what do you feel ? These are the things which make us individuals.

I have been too unwell to pick up my car yet, but the rest of my spends for the week were.

Tuesday : $100.00 ( owed this amount to a dear friend so it,s coming off my debt total )
Wednesday : No spending day
Thursday : No spending day ( too unwell to spend )

Thank you too the Girls who let me know that I am not alone out here, your imput is more than welcome, and I really enjoy your blogs.

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  1. “...people are like Champagne our flaws are what makes us sparkle.” - That is a very apt metaphor. Some people are ashamed to flaunt their imperfections but the way this quote describes it, I wanted to shout it to the world and be proud of who I am. These are good words and worth spreading out. Thanks for sharing. >> Corey Glenn @


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