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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wedding Invitation Day

Most of today has been spent with my Daughter making her Wedding Invitations, as I work for a medium sized printing firm getting the paper cut to size as well as getting the paper itself cost us nothing, the envelopes we bought from Ebay and the ideas were all our own. We used three different types and colours of paper and layered them with black at the back, next was gold about 2 1/2 cms shorter, and then a final layer of cream again 21/2 cms shorter which had the formal invitation wording on it. We then decorated the top of the invitation with some 20 gauge gold wire and twisted it with a jewelery making tool, into a scrool. I think they look fabulous, and very typical of my quirky Daughter. Plus they were cheap as chips, the biggest expense was the hot glue gun for the gold wire.

A no spend day for me today but as my Grandchildren decided to eat me out of house and home I may have to buy more Groceries later this week.

I am now back to using my budget book to record all my spends and it is keeping me honest, plus I add everything into my blogs, so there is no excuse for overspending.

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  1. I know what you mean. I buy food and the next day, where did it go?

    I bet the invites will look beautiful!


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