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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 4 of my 5 Week Pay month/ My Snowflakes

I absolutely can,t believe we are almost at the end of the month once again. Today I was given my Secret Santa name as most of my workmates are doing their Christmas Shopping. I wanted to hand them back the scrap of paper and scream STOP I,m just not ready for that kind of expense yet. Although I am sure that the majority of my family will be feeling the same as they are all forking out for Air Flights and Wedding presents just now. So perhaps little remembrances will be acceptable this Xmas.

Sharon at Musings of a Midlife Mum spoke about her snowflakes and the meaning behind the term, the PF meaning of course, go in and have a read she explains it so well. You will find her blog in my side bar as I have not yet learned how to link it, sorry. Anyway I have got a veritable snowstorm coming my way this week in the shape of overtime, I worked 2 extra hours at time and a half and 10 extra hours at double time, so I,m looking at $387.55 before tax. I know I will be taxed pretty heavily on it but even if I only come out with an extra $200 I,ll be a very happy bunny, a snow bunny LOL


Life can deal us some really scary blows and so today my prayers are with Jane and her Daughter, as this gorgeous young woman was in a car crash on Saturday which could have been much worse than it was. Jane is going to be home for the next couple of days nursing her Daughter, and dealing with what could have been. Chin up


  1. Wow!!! That is going to be an amazing amount to have extra!!! Do you have what you will do with it planned yet??

  2. Great snowflake amount Maureen!

  3. It's really snowing in neck of the woods!!! :)! Thanks for the shout out, I'm looking all over for more snow.....

    I couldn't think of anything before the wedding, so I'm sure Christmas is the last thing on your's way too early for me too! I've decided to start on Dec. 1st, and let November be, well, November!

  4. $200 net is still a lot of money. I struggle with those Secret Santa gifts every year as I hate to go out and buy something for the sake of buying something. At least starting this early gives you the time to keep your eyes pealed for a nice inexpensive gift.

  5. Hi Maureen - I'm so glad you're reaping the rewards of your DOUBLE overtime - it's so great to get a little extra once in a while - especially with the wedding coming up FAST!
    Things are going as well as can be expected here, Kazi and I have spent some quality time together today and will do so again tomorrow.
    Thanks so much for being there, even if "there" is halfway around the world:)


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