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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spending update / Tardis moment.

Since Saturday I have spent
$100 on Groceries
$20 on petrol
$13 for my prescription
$50 towards debt 1
$50 Ebay for Wedding stuff
My Groceries actually cost me a little less than $100, but I have put the rest aside as I had sent Hubby and MIL to do my shopping as I was working, and they forgot to take the list and as a result I will be running out of a lot of essential items before Saturday, which is my next big shop day.

I managed to finish all of my projects for The Wedding my final one was the candelabras for each table, I mentioned earlier that I had bought them from Ebay. So I resprayed them an Antique White, glued Ivy, Gold sprays and ribbon to them and now they exactly match the Ivy Garland I had made for across the front of the Bridal table. I,m sure that there will be some last minute tweak my Daughter will want to make but on the whole I am organised.
This weekend I will have to buy Serviettes to wrap the Wedding Cake in before we put it into the cake boxes, around 100 tealight candles as we have that number of votives to put around the Marquee and also plastic wine and soft drink glasses, which we will take up to the Wedding venue for our guests to drink out of before we come down to the Reception. The owners of the wedding gardens have stipulated no glass as we will be around a pool area.


My car may look like a little old Toyota Corolla, but this morning she became a time machine, I had turned on the radio to get the news and weather forecast while driving into work, and a song came on which immediately transported me back to Christmas 1974 I was 6 months pregnant with my Daughter and we were at a dance in our local Town Hall. I usually associate songs with people and places and for 3 minutes while it played my Hubby had my head on his shoulder as we danced round the floor, great memories. I wonder where I,ll be tomorrow !!!!


  1. Great post Maureen! Songs do that to me too - certain songs transport me back to my rollerskating days at the local arena and so on. It's wonderful to be able to relive those special moments. Sounds like you are really organized for the upcoming nuptials - I can sense the excitement increasing. Won't be long now!

  2. Awesome!!!! So excited for you to be getting all this wedding stuff together & so proud of you for doing it cheaply!!!!

  3. Wow. It seems your doing a great job with the wedding planning. Keep it up!


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