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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rain Rain Rain / Positive living footnote

It has been raining for three solid weeks, and my backyard is now a sodden disaster. This is the backyard which in 5 weeks time is going to hold a large Marquee and 70 Wedding guests. Many in high heels and long dresses. I usually love to see the rain as we live in a very dry State, I love to see my plants, flowers and grass getting a good soak, but please if you are listening up there, it needs to stop soon or this Wedding is literally going to be a washout.

I spent yesterday making an ivy garland to decorate the top table, the garland was just a silk and plastic affair, so I covered the plastic stems with green silk ribbon and tied the ribbon which is very narrow, into a few long stringy bows along the length of the garland and then I added some little gold ball sprays to give it a little zing, and I,m really pleased with the results. The gold sprays were left over from the decoration I added to the plain cake boxes, they ( the cake boxes) were black but now they are black and gold. I still have the Candelabras to decorate, I bought these on Ebay as a job lot from a Bride so they were exactly what I wanted, but they need a spray paint and then I am going to add Ivy to them with my handy glue gun. I have one for each table and two for the top table. That should be the last of my craft projects, and we have saved a ton of money by doing these ourselves.

My positive living footnote is actually going to be about the rain which I complained about earlier. I love that the rain is giving life to so many things, in a Country where a lack of it kills off so much wildlife, and crops. These downpours are a blessing to so many people. So I lay in bed last night and listened and enjoyed the noise of the rain on my window.


  1. You are a brave woman to have your daughter's wedding outside! But, the good news is that the rain is preparing for a gorgeous setting, and it will be sunny and beautiful for the special day!!! It will go FAST!!!

  2. Very crafty aren't you? Another positive thought is that you don't have a Bridezilla on your hands - she lets you participate and have input and likes to SAVE MONEY!! A good friend's daughter is getting married next May. You would think that because my friend has experience as an event planner and teaches in the Hospitality program at a local college that she would be able to help her daughter with so many things but the daughter won't let her do ANYTHING! She is so disappointed. So you have soooo much to be thankful for:)

  3. Sharon if the sun decides not to shine on our special day, she will still have a new Husband and a day to remember, however a nice day would be the icing on the cake.

    Jane my Daughter is clueless when it comes to setting out a venue and I am lucky in that she allows me a bit of free rein. However there are also parts of The Wedding which I am definitely not allowed a say in, like music, colour schemes, cars, and the general theme. So we sat down together she told me her concept and I came up with cheap and cheerful ways of making this happen. Thank goodness for ebay, you can get all your craft supplies soooo cheaply.
    She is having a fairly traditional service, in a little Church set in our local Wedding Gardens. but as soon as everyone returns to our garden, we dispense with the Wedding Themes and have a Masquerade Ball Reception.

  4. A Masquerade Ball Reception? I love it! So original and fun - I checked out your link - what a beautiful church - a very special venue indeed.
    Going with a different theme after the wedding - is that an Australian thing? I don't know anyone around these parts that's ever done anything like that before. So will everyone change into other clothing? I'm envious:)


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