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Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 2 Spend Consciously Year / All Bills Paid

Week 2 of my 5 payday month, and I had a few household bills to clear. I am only doing my budget so I,ll only recording the payments which I am responsible for. Hubby and I wrote down all the household outgoings, then we divided it by our combined earnings and when we got the percentage we both put that percentage of our individual wages into paying off the bills. Then we worked out weekly amounts for each bill and split them between us, until we arrived at who pays which account. I know this seems a little strange but it works for us, because Hubby earns more than me he pays the lions share but now he knows that as far as wages go we pay an equal percentage.

This week I paid

$230.00 Phone/Internet/Cable TV ( money saved weekly towards this.
$30.00 Mobile Bill ( standard monthly charge also saved )
$ 50.00 Debt repayment ( fortnightly amount )
$20.00 Petrol ( usual weekly amount )
$ 100.00 food ( anything left will be carried on till next week )
$60.00 Flowers ( I sent my BFF these for her 60th birthday )

In one hand and out the other at the moment, I will be carrying any money left over from my food bill into my getting ready for visitors in November account as I will need all the money I have over in order to feed an extra 2 adults ( my parents ) for 2 weeks, and any other guests and friends who drop in either before or after the Wedding. I think the BBQ will be permanently lit. I know that they will offer to help out with the grocery bill but I will feel a lot happier if I don,t have to depend on that offer.

My Granddaughter went into giggles the other night at the thought that her Mum and Dad were getting married, I don,t know what she found so amusing. As for myself I am a bit old fashioned and can,t wait to see her tying the knot. I love my future Son-in-Law and can,t wait to see my Daughter sharing the same surname as her partner and children, only 5 weeks now.

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