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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 3 of my 5 Week Pay month

As I have mentioned before I have a less than stimulating job, and on Wednesday of this week while doing a fairly slow boring repetative job I started to write out ways of dividing up my wages.

Plan A)
Had me pay off a massive Electricity Bill, leaving me very little to play with.

Plan B)
Had me make part payments to the Electricity Bill, leaving me savings money, money for The Wedding and also extra Groceries to help fill up my pantry before my visitors arrive.

Plan C)
Had me split the electricity Bill into 2 payments, leaving me less to put to The Wedding and Groceries.
After working out how these payments would effect me right up until the week of The Wedding I decided to run with PLAN B) so this is a breakup of my wages.

Electricity $100
Food $ 100
Petrol $20
Debt $25
Charity $42
Wedding $100
Savings $150

I appreciate that these savings will be used to entertain visitors and any last minute payments to the Wedding fund as there is always something you forget. I won,t let the fact that I am spending this money spoil my Daughters big day for me. As I am determined to pay for everything using no debt, and start again at square one on the 21st of November.


Today I sat round our 8 seater outdoor setting and every chair was filled with my loved ones, my Grandchildren decided to entertain us with break dancing and singing and I laughed and smiled until my jaws ached. These are the days that memories are made of. Nearly forgot Happy birthday MIL xxx


  1. I like plan B too, gives you a few more options.

  2. good for you - you always have to go with what is best for you at the time... as long as you will swing it, you are good to go:)

    and love how you had a great time with the family... those are the times that matter most for sure

  3. Maureen,
    I would have gone with Plan B too! I would have made a plan D, take all the money for yourself and take off for an island vacation....ha, ha. We can dream can't we???

    Anyway, what a wonderful evening you had, it's nice to document those times too! :)!

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  5. Plan B sounds like a good plan! Makes it feel like the money is being stretched farther when it's divided up into more than one thing.
    Glad you had a fun time with family :)

  6. Girl you did the right thing. You are doing great!


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