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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Need to Spend Even More Money

If I was broken hearted about having to put petrol into my little car yesterday, then today I am devastated to discover that I,m going to have to buy a bed this weekend. I need to have a decent Queen sized bed for my spare bedroom, and at the moment I only have a single bed in there. I was offered the opportunity to borrow one as my elderly parents will be staying with me for a couple of weeks and as close as they are a single bed was just not going to do it for them LOL
But somehow the girl offering the bed and myself must have gotten our wires crossed over the dates, because she needs the bed during the time I wanted to borrow it. As you can imagine 24 days before The Wedding with everything on a tight budget the last thing I wanted to do was fork out for a bed. I have a decent Queen sized mattress so all I need is a frame and after much searching online and through catalogues I have found one for only $99. It will fit into the back of Hubbies Station Wagon so no delivery charges. Now to go back online and get some inexpensive bedding, will it never end ?????????? !!!!!!!!


This is my time to sit back and reflect on some really positive moment in my busy day, a moment which is special to me and I,m honestly wracking my brains to think of one. A day in my life cant possibly have gone by without a memorable moment, but there it is !!!


  1. Wow. Yours is a situation that is common (money-wise) but certainly not common on the PF blogosphere (not many people out there 7 years to retirement trying to change their finances)

    Do you have to retire in 7 years or can you work longer?

  2. Oh Maureen that is too bad. Is your hubby handy? Could he whip together a base out of plywood for the mattress?? Thank goodness you had the mattress - that would have been a more expensive outlay. I'm sure there was something memorable in your day but for some reason the bad news always overshadows anything good. Why is that I wonder? I think under your circumstances (upcoming wedding) that if you managed to have a few minutes to enjoy a nice cup of tea then THAT is your memorable moment!
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  3. it will never end! haha... Good Luck - that isn't a huge expense, but an unwanted one I'm sure!

  4. I hate to tell ya, but so many expenses came up the week of the wedding...

    Just be mindful of what you can do.... Can you borrow bedding until after the wedding? Otherwise discount stores have bedding does Costco and BJ's.

  5. Hi Fabulously broke nice to see you in here, I love your blog.

    I know I,ve left it way too long to get myself organised financially but we have had a lot of health issues and over the last 10 years have lost everything. I,m 60 now so not too many years left for me to work.

  6. Jane is my husband handy LOL only if I want Mum and Dad to end up on the floor.

  7. Sharon I,ve nobody to borrow bedding from, but I,ll be looking for my cheapest option.


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