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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A real quickie

I am over in my Daughter,s house babysitting, but I just wanted to let you know that spends since Sunday have been.

Birthday cards 3 = $7.00
Stamps for 2 cards = $1.20
Groceries = $11.50

Total = $19.70

Tomorrow is payday and I will have a few payments to be made all of which are in my budget, I will enter these later.


  1. what a great week!!! great job so far keep it up!

  2. You have grandchildren? How wonderful!And it looks like your week is going well with payday tomorrow. I remember when I worked for a bank we got paid every week and I so looked forward to those months with 5 pays so I could get caught up on bills. Stay the course - you're doing great!

  3. You are doing great.
    I'm enjoying the challenge you have set for yourself.
    I should have joined, but I'm not ready yet.
    I'll just be in the background cheering you all on!


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