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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Issues at Work / Spray Painting

I had a fabulous weekend on Saturday which was my MIL,s Birthday all the family came over for drinks and food and we also managed to organise who is doing what, when and where for the Wedding So thanks to some great suggestions we now have the seating arrangements done and yesterday because the weather was pretty glorious I worked on my second to last craft project which was to spray paint the candleabras for the tables, and over the next few nights I will decorated them with ivy using my trusty hot glue gun. I bought these candleabras from a girl on Ebay who had used them for exactly what we wanted them for and she had already sprayed them so all I was doing was freshening them up. So ten Candleabras for $115 plus $10 for the spray paint and I already had the ivy, this is the same ivy I used to make the Garland for across the front of the Bridal table. Talk about finding ways to cut back on the expense !!!

I worked a couple of hours overtime last week, but I had also been asked to work a few hours on Saturday and as this was all at double time I quickly said yes, before I went home on Friday I was told that the overtime shift they were putting on had been cancelled, I was naturally disappointed as I had kind of worked out in my head how much I would be paid and what I was going to do with the money. But when I went into work this morning I discovered that there had been a shift working on Saturday and one of our casual workers had worked it in place of me, I am a permanent employee. I have never come across this happening in any other workplace I,ve been in where permanent employees are always given first refusal. So I had a huge blow up with our Production Manager this morning, who told me that he could pick whomever he wanted to do the overtime and as far as he was concerned he would pick the best person for the job, which believe me in this case he had definitely not, so he had added insult to injury by telling me this. Yes I did feel insulted and even although I have now calmed down I have decided to take this further. I did,nt do it today because I felt too angry but tomorrow I am going up to the office to see our Plant Manager, and lodge a formal complaint. I am not normaly confrontational, but I think I am being discriminated against because of my age, my recent hand injury, or the fact that the other girl working prefers the company of this casual. Whichever one it is it,s just not on.


  1. Maureen,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you had to deal with that. The production manager sounded like a jerk. You are smart to wait until you have calmed down a bit, you don't want to appear too "emotional". I've been known to do that in the past.

    It won't be long now for the wedding! :)

  2. Good for you - sometimes the only person to stick up for us is ourselves. I have not always felt confident enough to do that so I say BRAVO! The fact that you had already accepted, then they cancelled you for a casual person is outrageous - I am getting all worked up on your behalf!! Let me know what happens!
    P.S. - keep on crafting:)


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