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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My 100th Blog Post

I can,t believe it 100 posts already, so I would like to take a few minutes to say thank you to my blog followers, and to some wonderful helpful people who have popped in and offered me all sorts of advice when I,ve been stuck for the right answer. The world of PF is a whole new concept for me and I,m getting so much out of reading other inspiring blogs and finding out from successful savers the techniques used to achieve security.

I bought the bed today and put $20 of fuel into my car, usually I would fill her up on a Friday but I could,nt miss out on the lowest petrol price I,ve seen for awhile. What difference is a day going to make anyway, as I had the cash in my fuel jar. The bed frame was $99 and I managed to pick it up myself. I was frightened to wait until the weekend in case they were sold out. So instead we,ll spend the weekend putting it together as it,s flatpacked. I now have new sheets for this bed bought a few weeks ago, new pillows, again bought some time ago and still packaged, I have a fairly new quilt cover set, which I,ll put on the bed and I also have new white bath towels to put into the room for my parents use while they are with me. So it,s only a mattress protector I have to buy and that should be their room organised. So all I have to do now is find out their dietary requirements and then I,m ready to receive guests.


My enjoyable experience today was financial. I,ve been struggling with my money or lack of it for so many years that I,ve had no joy out of buying anything as I knew that really I could,nt afford it. So today I got a buzz out of handing cash which I had in my wallet, over for the bed.
Another highlight was my Grandson and Granddaughter,s kisses before they went home tonight, they had all popped in unexpectantly to make my Thursday night.


  1. I'm getting a very positive vibe from your post! Congratulations on reaching 100! I understand totally what you mean about spending with guilt attached to it and knowing you were spending money you could ill afford. I think (from what I know) that you have done such a great job of pulling together a beautiful and fun-filled wedding without a huge outlay of cash. The bed you will use in future so it's a good purchase.
    And kisses from grandkids - well what could be nicer than that!

  2. Congrats on 100 posts! I agree with jane, the bed is a good purchase that you'll get the use out of so don't feel guilty, and it's great that you paid cash for it!

  3. Congrats!!! Cash is awesome...and you are doing great!!!

  4. Yahoo. It is wonderful to have cash to pay for something and it looks like you have done some planned spending over the past few weeks to bring this bed project to fruition. Good for you. I love your blog.

  5. happy 100 posts! Yippee for Cash!!!


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