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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I got My Apology !!!

I mentioned yesterday that I had a run in with my boss, well today I got my apology. I,m sure I only got it because I was threatening to take my complaint to the next level, still I accepted it. I did however mention to him that I would forgive but definitely not forget and if I found out that it had happened again I will be straight back into his office. After all the fuss had died down he asked me to stay behind today for a couple of hours of overtime if I wanted it, my instant reaction was to tell him where to stick it, but that would be cutting my own throat. So another few dollars earned.

I had to spend $10 today it nearly broke my heart but my little old car needed some fuel, so I only put in enough to get me to payday. So far this week I have spent $35, hopefully it will be Friday before I have to spend any more.


With all the dramas at work my head has,nt been in a very good place, I work in a dirty, noisy, disorganised workplace with people most of whom are rude, lazy and opinionated. So today I took myself off on my own to have my morning tea, I picked a spot across the road from our printing firm, which was quite green and leafy. And as I sat down to enjoy the peace and quiet, I was joined by one of our native green tree frogs, these little creatures are gorgeous with their bright yellow feet and huge big eyes, so we sat together for about ten minutes studying each other before he hopped off. It was all I needed to make my day a lot brighter, so thanks little guy for bringing some peace into the turmoil.

Apologies for putting his photo at the top of the blog, it,s a slight technical hitch. :)


  1. Oh Maureen I am so glad you at least got some kind of resolution to your work problem. I agree he just didn't want you to take it any further which means he knows how WRONG he was. I know it was hard to take that extra overtime - it would have been sooooo tempting to tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine - so kudos to you for being the adult in that situation.
    Love the frog - he is so cute and colourful! Very cheerful. Sounds like you work with a bunch of dimwits - that is not fun! If I were you I'd take my tea across the road everyday! I've had difficult people to work with over the years - once I had to take a few weeks off I was so stressed about it, but right now I have a good group to work with - it makes a huge difference!

  2. that is so cool about the frog.

    sucha bummer that you had an issue at work to begin with, but hopefully everything will stay resolved & positive!

  3. I have had some bad experiences over the years with former employers. It is amazing the things that some people can get away with unless someone has the courage to do something about it. I'm glad you got your apology, but am sorry for the emotional turmoil it has caused for you.

    Back in the early 1980's I was secretary to the President of a company. The Vice President used to come to work every day and ask me "so how's your sex life?" Back then there was no recourse I could take and I just ignored him. Nowadays I could sue for sexual harrassment in a heart beat.

  4. So glad this worked out. AND I'm soooooo happy you took some time for yourself. The frog really is cute! :)!

  5. good to hear they apologised!! it sounds like a frustrating workplace to be in. love the story about the frog, it's nice to get outside at lunch and get away from people for a while.

  6. Girls thanks for your comments, I am in need of some good female company since my BFF moved away, and it,s great for me to know you are out there and do care.
    I lead a pretty lonely life from Monday to Friday, and if I don,t get the opportunity to catch up with my kids then my weekends can be pretty lonely too, my hubby and I seem to have run out of things to say to each other and I never planned on having an 83 year old MIL as my closest friend. So I come onto my PC and meet people sad really ???


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