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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

B****y Birthday,s 4 all in the same fortnight

Feeling a bit down today and it,s because I am going to miss my BFF,s 60th Birthday which is on Monday. This gal pal and I have known each other since we arrived in Australia she is English, and had emigrated about 6 months before we did and our Husbands worked together so as soon as we met it was friendship at first sight. And so together we have celebrated our kids going to school our 40ths our 50ths and know I am going to miss her 60th because we now live in different parts of this vast land. It,s not because of my new budget for this coming year, as I have left leeway for just such occasions it,s mainly because of my Daughter,s wedding which is taking up all my available time at the moment. She is coming for the Wedding and so I will see her soon, but somehow it,s just not the same.

4 Birthdays in the next few days means that I have to be organised as I intend to get the most bang for my buck, and so I have handmade the cards, so all I have to do is buy the stamps for that. My Daughter-in-Laws is first and I bought her a gorgeous dress at the end of last Summer in a sale she is a size 8 Australian (2 American ) and I got this little dress for only $10. My Girlfriend is next and I am going to send her flowers, as I really can,t think of anything she would like more. My Sister follows and she is just getting a card, as she has well warned me not to buy her anything. And finally my Mother-in-Law is on the 16th, she is the trickiest as she needs nothing, but would be really put out if a lot of time and money was not spent on her, even with a Wedding close by. Thankfully Hubby will be coming to the party on this one.

No money spent today, but my eating was,nt real good, I think I was having chocolate withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Hi Maureen: will you be able to talk to your BFF on her birthday? She will know you are thinking of her and its good you'll see each other at your daughter's wedding (when is it by the way?)You could work on trying to get her to move closer when you see her next:)Will she stay on for a couple of days so you can have some time together?
    Your Birthday gift buying is right on track - wow - a $10 dress! For me Sept. is the birthday month so I have it over and done with. Next up - Christmas. Only have $80 saved so far but we don't go all out at Christmas anymore. I told my siblings last year and already this year to donate to charity on my behalf and I would do the same for them. I don't need gifts anymore. I'm trying to get rid of stuff in preparation for my move to PEI in 4 years.
    Bye for now!

  2. So sad - I totally understand, but as long as she understands, that is all that matters... could you make a special day to make up for it with her?

    needing chocolate, now you sound like me too!

  3. Aww that's too bad about not being able to see your friend on the big day. Hope you can talk to her in some form at least!

  4. I'm eating a chocolate bar as I'm reading this post...chocolate does cure the sorry you can't meet for your friend's birthday, but maybe you can plan a get together after your daughter's wedding! It might be more fun as the stress of the wedding will be over!


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