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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I,ve ticked all the boxes this week / Financial epidemics

After my 1st payday of my new budget I have spent and done exactly what I intended to do with my wages.

Groceries $70.00 I had a budget of $100
Ebay $30 I used left over Grocery money because I forgot I had to make this payment.
Rent $200 not something I usually contribute to.
Petrol $20 this is my normal weekly amount
Debt $25 a fortnightly payment
Day out for lunch $26 I had budgeted $30

I had forgotten when doing up my budget that I have 4 Birthdays in the next couple of weeks, so instead of banking the remainder of my money I will use it to source out inexpensive gifts.

My lunch out with the girls was really enjoyable and educational as it turns out that one of the girls is using a Budgeting Company to organise her wages, from what I can gather she hands over all her wages to them and they pay her bills and give her pocket money, as well as which they contact her creditors and arrange payments with them as well. Another of the girls is a budgeting Guru and a third is in a complete financial mess as she is the sole bread winner, as her husband is now to obese to work. I thought I was the only one with money issues amongst our friends but it seems to me that we have an epidemic on our hands.

Nearly forgot to mention that I lost another pound of weight this week, I,ll fit into my dress yet yippeeeeeee


  1. Great start!!!! Keep it up :)

    We ALL have money issues ;) The hard part is just admitting them & learning how to deal with them accordingly

  2. So lunch went well! I'm glad your friends could relate to your money problems and share theirs as well.
    There are always a few things we forget about every month that throw monkey wrenches into our beautifully mapped-out budget, like birthdays. I forgot that I have to pay $60 to get my trailer winterized so that will have to come out of my misc. spending.
    Looks like having a treat or two this month will be out of the question:(

  3. I love being able to talk with friends about budgets when they are passionate about it as well. It's one of my favorite topics to discuss with my friend M. I also think it's beneficial because everybody does it differently and you might learn something new. :)

  4. I like being able to talk with friends about financial issues as well. October is a busy month for me with birthdays as well. Sounds like you have had a great start to your month, congrats on the lb lost :)

  5. I thought it was interesting that your friends are having financial problems and that they felt that they could open up and share. I love it. We live in a world where we think everyone is doing great and living without financial worries and then we find out that there are more and more like us that are having to watch our pennies and take care of debt. All of us need that kind of support.


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