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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Machine Gun Preacher Meeting

Yesterday I had the most thought provoking Sunday.

 I am not a regualr churchgoer although I am definitely a Christian, but a serious of events happened to both The Foxx and I over the last couple of weeks which have been mind altering.

The Foxx was given a USB stick from a work mate with a couple of movies on it one of them was a film we both wanted to see and the other was Machine Gun Preacher a movie starring Gerard Butler I happen to think this Scots actor is a hunk so we decided to sit down and watch this one first. The first 15 mins were all blood, gore, drugs and swearing and by that time I had all but given up watching. But I am glad I stuck it out, please have a look at some film reviews if you want to find out more about this extraordinary man.

Sam Childers

This is the real Sam childers who, builds Orphanages in Sudan and rescues children from Joseph Kony, you may remember that the Utube video made about this man ( Kony ) went viral just last month. When The Foxx returned the USB stick to his workmate he wanted to know what we thought of the movie, I wanted to know which came first the movie or the video, also had the Preacher really been a killer and drug dealer. 
If you enjoyed the Movie and want to know more about the man why not come and meet him on Sunday he is preaching at our church, he said, you could have knocked me down with a feather, He is American we are in Australia all of the comoponents were falling right into place before my very eyes. was this some kind of message. ? The Foxx and I could hardly wait for Sunday and somewhere in the middle of the service I felt changed I felt protected and I felt loved.

When I read back this post I am convinced that it seems silly to have written it. Nothing financial here, nothing anyone else can expect to understand, but down in my core I feel changed


  1. Love me some Gerard Butler.. i'll watch anything with him in it! ;) LOL!!

  2. Carla you are a Woman with immaculate tastes LOL

  3. God was trying to tell you hello. :)

  4. It really felt like that, thanks for putting that into words for me....

  5. What an amazing actually meet the man after seeing the movie! More than a mere coincidence, some things are meant to be. Serendipity, that's a great way to put it!

    - Fiona

  6. It certainly was an amazing turn of events, which obviously held a message for me...

  7. Hmmmmmmm, now we'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop. What was the reason for this man to come into your life at this particular moment I wonder? Or perhaps the core-changing experience was the purpose...I love it when things like this happen, you never know where it could lead to! Your heart was open and receptive even though the movie was so difficult to watch at first - there is definitely a message there.

  8. I personally believe the message was just to remind me to have faith. Still like you I can't wait to see if that was all there was to it.

    Jane I can't comment on your blog again, drat....


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