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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fiscal Fast Finale

Fiscal Fast Finale

I love these kinds of challenges, although I do find them somewhat challenging !!!!

It is hard to tell MIL we are going to be having a week without any treats in it whatsoever, when a trip down to the local shopping centre is about all she ever does in a week.
It's hard to say to The Foxx that our once weekly trip out to find some we time has been cancelled, but having said that I still went ahead and did this challenge and I am proud to say that the only monies spent this week were on my DIL's baby shower, I would have found that one impossible to change or cancel and I had a great day out with a fabulous supporting group of women.

Spend for The Week

  • Thursday     $00.00
  • Friday          $00.00
  • Saturday      $00.00
  • Sunday        $35.00 ( Petrol and Lunch money )
  • Monday       $00.00
  • Tuesday       $00.00
  • Wednesday  $00.00

I am actually having another no spend day today as I usually Grocery shop on a Friday, and as we have enough food in the house to do us I will stay home today, we could probably do with some more chocolate biscuits, but we will make do with some muffins which I will bake later.

Petrol is a horrendous $1.59 a litre today so I am waiting until tomorrow before I fill up my car in the hope that it may come down a bit by then.

Congrats to all who have finished this fast, especially you Sharon for facilitating once again, can't wait until the next one....


  1. You've done amazingly well this week! It's so hard isn't it, when you have to incorporate the whole household to do a fiscal fast properly!

    Petrol is the same price down here in Melbourne this was $1.45 a few days ago...along comes Thursday pay-day and they hike the prices up 10c a litre!

  2. I have no choice but to pay for petrol today, so fingers crossed. Plus MIL will get treated to her coffee, and wander round the shopping centre.
    It is pouring here this morning and I can feel a cold bite in the air for the first time....

  3. I thought our gas was expensive at $1.30/litre!! Well it is expensive but yours is even moreso! What a great week you've had - I know I couldn't pull off all of those no spend days! I've gotten into the bad habit of stopping off to buy a coffee everyday before work - it's just a little thing that adds a little "perk" (hah, no pun intended) to my day and helps motivate me to get out of bed. The atmosphere at school is pretty bad these days so I need to be kind to myself.

    1. Jane I paid $15.9 per litre, so no joy there, I am so over the large petrol companies, They can give us all kind of excuses for price hikes.
      But never any reasons why when the heat is off, they Can't bring them back down, it's just a huge con and as usual it affects the lesser paid community the most....

  4. You did awesome Maureen!!! YEAH!!! How much do you think you *saved* by doing this?

    Hopefully you can now get a few treats!

  5. I would have saved around the $100 mark , not really a huge amount but because we are on such a tight budget every saving helps.
    Went into Aldi today and they are selling off their large chocolate Easter Bunnies for 29cents, huge savings there as at Easter they were $1.99. So now there is a row of Bunnies in my pantry, The Foxx's eyes will light up when he see's these. Just as well I hid a few for my Grandchildern.....


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