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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Show Me The Money

Today It's All About money

It seems to me that all I have talked about lately is the weather, growing fruit and veg, my Grandchildren and plans for Easter. Am I avoiding the subject of money, probably !!!!

Part of the reason for this is because now that I am no longer working, I have none. We, as in The Foxx and I, do have income, but because he does'nt get any overtime, and is unable to work 2 jobs what comes into our home on a fortnightly basis never changes.

So every couple of weeks we write down our priority payments, our debts ( most of these relate to The Restaurant ) and of course there is the CC, by the time we have made these payments there is literally nothing left.

So at the moment I am finding subjects to keep my blog interesting and progressive really hard to find, because things are going along on a pretty even keel, so I am financially bored. This is actually where I have always wanted to be, but I imagined myself with a wage being able to contribute more to our finances. You know the old saying " Be careful what you wish for "

Now that I have got that off of my chest, I am going to look into ways of making a little money on the side, I have a few things to put onto Ebay. I am thinking of becoming a Secret Shopper. I am currently doing online surveys again. At the moment my Snowflakes are all change I have taken from my purse and Hubby's pockets, but if I earn any extra it will be Snowflaked and will go towards debt.

Tomorrow I will try and lump our debts together and give myself a number, this is actually going to be a very scary move for me as I am responsible for most of them, fortunately I have the backing of The foxx. Maybe after he see's how much it actually is he will feel less likely to embrace it.

You may have noticed I have changed the look of my blog, this is not a Religious statement, just me trying to bring a little Zen into my life.


  1. Nothing wrong with a litte ZEN!! My financials are similar to yours in that my paycheques are always the same amount. I create my budget once a month and the payments are all automatic so there is very little to do besides updating my progress bars once in a while. So I blog less about money these days and more just about daily life. You'll find your way - perhaps a little meditation?

    1. My brain never stops long enough for medidation, I have no idea how anyone can " Go to another place " I am firmly grounded here...LOL

  2. New blog look is great!
    My step-daughter managed a team of Mystery Shoppers. You should also check out a site called for finding online jobs.

    1. Thanks for the information, I will go off and have a look....


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