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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's Financial Goals

Happy Anniversary Foxx

Well we made it !!!  at the beginning of the year I thought this would not be the way it would end. So glad it is xxxxx

Budget for this week.


Groceries     $100
Police fine    $50
Mobile bill     $65
Petrol            $20
Layby            $20
Debt              $25

TOTAL         $280

My grocery bill may be less than this as my MIL still has to put in her share, so if savings are to be made it is here.
Police Fine I am paying this off fortnightly I broke it down into 6 payments and this is the 4th, this will teach me to drive my car while it is unregistered.( blush blush )
Mobile bill this is taken out of my account monthly and includes the buying cost of my iphone, plus my call charges.
Petrol is so expensive just now that I get virtually nowhere out of my petrol allowance, still I do have a small car and no longer need to use it every day.
Layby this is the amount I put on fortnightly to get my almost here Grandchild a swing cradle and a pile of new clothes.
Nothing for Entertainment or clothes this week a very tight budget.
Debt this is a very old debt from when I first stared blogging, which never ever goes down as I never make it a priority and I think I am only ever paying interest. Yes it does worry me but as usual it is on the back burner to My Restaurant Debts.

I have finally finished paying off all the small debts which I owed when I closed down the Restaurant and ran from it all.

Restaurant Debts Paid

Removal of Kitchen Waste   $206  (2 months worth )
License to Play music           $75    ( monthly )
Pest Control                          $110  ( fortnightly amount )
Skip Bin behind Restaurant  $366  ( 4 pickups per month )
Gelato Order                         $160  ( whenever needed )
Telstra                                   $36    ( end of an old account )

Total                                     $953

Restaurant Debts Unpaid

Electricity Account               $3,000   ( 2 months account )
Gas Account                        $800      ( 1 month account )
Telephone                            $2,500   ( 1 month plus contract payout )
Fridge Repair Bill                 $600       ( one off )

Total                                    $6,900

I know that what I have paid off of the Restaurant debts is nothing in comparison to what I still owe, but never the less I am still proud of our achievements as we have done this while only on one wage and with a backlog of household bills plus my Police fine and Toll fines.
None of these Restaurant debts will be paid until they set their recovery agents on to us, because I have closed down the accounts they will not set up payment plans for us, and so we are just going to have to wait for those phone calls nobody ever wants to get. The Telephone account we are in dispute with as they want us to pay out the full amount of the 3 year contract. But The Foxx reckons they can whistle for that one, and he loves a good going arguement, so I'll wait to see how that all pans out.

We are still in trouble and we know it, but somehow working together makes it easier to carry that burden.

Next week household bills


  1. Happy anniversary, and congratulations! If you have an old debt and are paying a lot of interest sometimes you can get them to get that amount moved to a very low interest or none to pay it off. Have you checked that option?

  2. The last time I spoke with them they told me I was paying interest up until then I thought wrongly it was interest free.
    I think in order to get them to change anything I would have to make larger repayments which at the moment I can not afford to do.
    But that could be an option sometime down the track.....

  3. Happy Anniversary.You have paid a considerable amount off your debts so be gentle on yourself.I know its hard and you want the figure to come down quicker but we can only give what we have.

    1. Thanks for your support. At one time I thought I was drowning in it all but I can now see light at the end of a very long tunnel.....

  4. Wow...have just been reading back through the a newish reader, I had no idea about the restaurant story till now. You have been through so much...wishing you every happiness for your anniversary, 41 years is an amazing achievement! - Fiona

  5. Thanks for the anniversary wishes fiona.

    They say there is no fool like an old fool and so I am a stereotype LOL The Restaurant story had to be written down in order for me to accept it for what it was and to get round it....

  6. How long did it take to pay off those smaller debts? Multiply that by 6 for the bigger amount. You can do it. You've already got practice! It thrills me to no end that you and Foxx are working together! I have to say I had my doubts about him but now he's my hero!! Happy Anniversary and many many more to come! You can tell Foxx for me that I'm very proud of him for hanging in there, wanting you back and making it work! HUGS!

  7. Jane I feel all teary after reading your comment.
    I also see The Foxx as a bit of a hero just now, it's me who is the more likely to start a disagreement now, and he is constantly reminding me that it is our money and not mine and yours.
    I quess I am finding old habits are hard to break.....

  8. Hey, Maureen, you are making some headway and progress even if you consider it small. The only way to handle this is a little at a time. Keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks Martha I must admit we are in a better place than we used to be and that's headway....


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