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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post Fasting Update

My Budget Squeezed To Death

My weekly shopping day is a Friday, and I thought that as I had bought no Groceries last week my bill would have been totally out of control, but this morning I only spent $70.00 in Aldi and that included a stack of chocolate on sale from Easter, so I am hoping with a little jiggling and menu planning that I may not have to spend too much more this week.

I also needed to put petrol in my car, but I did'nt  fill up as petrol prices are ridiculous just now, so I am hoping to see some change by Sunday so I can fill up for a couple of weeks. I am quite fortunate that my small car is easy on gas, and I don't drive far on a weekly basis.

After our Fiscal Fast week Sharon asked me how much I thought I had saved myself, actually I think by the end of the week all I  had saved was around $100 most of that would have been food money. I am allocating myself very little to spend until the end of May by which time all of my small debts left from The Restaurant will be cleared plus my police fine ( naughty girl ) However all of my large debts are still there and I will post about them later.

So after squeezing the life out of my budget and making everyone I live with miserable all I saved was $100, but I still consider it worth it, and will be happy to participate in another challenge any day soon...... 


  1. That's why I didn't do the fiscal fast because I feel like I'm on one all of the time lol! I do zero-based budgeting so the only money I'd save would be from buying less food, like you. With 3 people driving one car we spend a lot of gas but all 3 of us contribute so it could be worse. I allot myself a small amount of personal $$ but there is always something I need to spend it on - in April I had to buy more ink cartridges for the printer and a few other odds and ends for the house so it all goes. I certainly don't spend much. The fact that you saved $100 is a great accomplishment on an already squeezed budget in my opinion! Congratulate yourself girl!!

    1. If I was allocating clothing, entertainment, gift and sundry monies then yes I would save heaps, but I still enjoy the challenge....
      I doubt that the day will ever come again when I can forget about budgeting and just splash out.....

  2. it's good that you saved $100 and that the restaurant debts will be done with soon I know what you mean about making everyone miserable, I get tired of being the 'budget bully' here too.

    1. Louise only the small debts the large ones are still hanging over my head, so every $100 helps....


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