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Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Washing Powder Trial Results

The Skinny On My Homemade Washing Powder

Well the jury is in and the results are amazing, if I had known years ago how easy and cheap this was going to be I would have started long ago. Ever since I went on my journey to become more frugal, I have looked into making my own soap powder, but something always stopped me from giving it a go. I am not sure why maybe a combination of things, will it work, will it be any cheaper, is this taking saving a few Dollars to extremes ???
Yes to all of the above, it works, it is cheaper and to some it is extreme. Hopefully this will also be better for the planet and me as I have a very mild form of Ecxema, and so I am hoping this will stop any further inflammation, but the jury is still out on that one.

My Recipe

4 cups of grated soap ( finely grated )
2 cups of Washing Soda
1 cup of Borax

I put all of these ingredients into a large jar gave it a good shake and was ready to go. I have been adding 2 tbsp to a load but after checking this amount on the web it seems to be anywhere between 3 tsps and 2 tbsp. Has anyone got any thoughts on this.
I have tried this now on a hot wash a cold wash and on whites and coloureds and I have been very pleased with all my results.I don't own a clothesdryer and so everything comes back in off of my washing line smelling clean and fresh. Another benefit it only costs around 13.5 cents per load.
These are all the pro's the cons are I took the skin off of my knuckle grating the soap, so from now on that might have to be The Foxx's job.

My thanks to Jane at she has awarded me The Sunshing Award and I am pleased and thrilled to accept it. It comes with a few obligations and as soon as I can I will post these. Thanks again Jane you know I am with you every day just lurking in the background.


  1. I have been one of those people lurking, wondering what all the fuss is about homemade washing powder. I guess I am also going to have to buckle down eventually and give it a try.

  2. Definitely give it a try it is so worth it......

  3. It's ok, I know you're a friendly "lurker" and I'm glad to share the sunshine with you! :) By the way - what kind of soap do you grate...hand soap? Is there one kind that's better than others...I'm thinking maybe Ivory as it is so mild? Lemme know what you're using - with only the 3 ingredients I might give it a try. I just bought a bottle of detergent, forget the brandname, and it was on sale for about $9.00!! Outrageous!! Tide goes for around $15!!! And don't get me started on the price of meat these days!!!

  4. I use our local supermarkets homebrand laundry soap, cheap and cheerful. I am not enough of an expert to know if one is better than the other, I was just thinking of keeping fragrances out of my soap because of my Excema. Plus of course the price the soap costs $1.21 for the amount I use which is 2 bars makes 4 cups

  5. I loooovvveee my home made soap...I usually double or triple the batch so I don't have to make it as often but still its such a savings

    1. I am really forging ahead with this concept of making it myself, fabric softener is next and then I am going to try an all purpose cleaner....


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