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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Baby Shower Over

Just got back from the baby shower about  an hour ago so this is going to be short post.

We had a great day, as well as a present for the baby we were all asked to bring a blessing gift for the Mum to be to help her know she is being supported during her labour, so we set up a little blessing altar as she is having a water birth in this room. These ideas are all pretty foreign to me as I had a sterile hospital birth twice, but my DIL is a very spiritual girl who will take delight in knowing she has a team of supporting women with her during her birth.
Sorry about the photo I took it on my phone and the quality could be better.

Spends for today were petrol money to my Daughter $10.00  Lunch out $25.00 did they have to pick the dearest place on the Sunshine Coast. Still this was expense I know was coming up, and I had a lovely day....


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time Maureen!! These moments are meant to be enjoyed!

    1. Only 4 weeks now until our next bundle of joy, can't wait.....


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