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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sorting through some photos

 My Oldest Granddaughter  9                                        My Daughter-in-Law                              
                                                        My Grandson 6 and My youngest Grandaughter 3
                                                               My Daughter The Bride
                                                                The Foxx and I

Just thought I would spend some time today and post photos of a few of the special people in my life.

My oldest Grandadughter is a beautiful serious child who is destined to break a few hearts when she is older, she is tall slim with the longest pair of legs, she gets her good genes from her Dad.

This photo of my Daughter-in-Law was taken last weekend she is 7 and a half months pregnant now and it is her baby shower I am going to on Sunday. I am nearly finished my knitting.

My 6 year old Grandson was all dressed up as he was his Dad's best man when he and my Daughter married 18 months ago, unlike his Sister this is a mischevious little boy with large blue eyes.

My Son's little girl is 3 now and is a little imp, so chatty and cute. That was her first ice cream cone, and did she ever make a mess. She is a blonde brown eyed beauty, who can't wait to meet her new baby brother.

The Lady in red is my only Daughter, she broke all the rules and was married in this very untraditional gown. that is my Sister fitting her into it.

And last but by no means least The Foxx and I hiding our charms from the world.

I was sorting my photos into albums today and thought I would share a few with you, I could not find a decent photo of my Son, but hopefully when the baby comes I will get more photos of him. Strangely enough both of my Granddaughter's have brown eyes, so we are hoping to even the numbers with blue eyed boys when this latest one is born.

As you can see from my DIL's photo the weather here is still beautiful, Spring and Autumn are typically our best months and taking advantage of that I have planted some more seedlings, I get so excited when their little heads start to poke, maybe I will take some photos of them shortly.

The start of my no spend week has been a big success, money spent..... nothing!!!!


  1. GREAT photos Maureen! LOVED seeing the important people in your life!

    1. Thanks sharon and I loved sharing them.....

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your comment, I am very family orientated, they are my life....

  3. I've seen a few of these before but never saw the 3 year old granddaughter with the icecream beard before (I don't think). She (and the others of course) is absolutely adorable - my Kazi's hair was like that when whe was the same age - the more humid it was the curlier her hair became. Of course these days it's straightened within an inch of its life!! I preferred the curls!

    1. My DIL still has a head of curls so perhaps she will keep hers.
      Thanks for not mentioning my flabby washer woman arms LOL


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