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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Award for Little Old Me


I am Super Stoked

Many many thanks to Martha at  for nominating me for this award, I am delighted.
The Leibster award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers who have a story to tell or some advice to give.
There are a few things I now have to do and that is nominate and link 5 more bloggers who I think are worthy of this award and also write down 5 random things you may or may not know about me. So here goes.
  • I write my blog in Australia but I am actually Scottish
  • I am not really a natural blonde LOL
  • I have met The Beatles
  • I have an obsessive compulsion about my eating space, no crumbs.
  • I only ever wear white underwear ( is that too much information ) ??

Finding  blogs which I follow and love is not  hard but cutting it down to 5 definitely will be .

  1. I love Jane's blog and if you are new to it you are going to love her adventure as she works her way towards retirement and her dream of living on PEI in Canada
  2. I have been following Sharon's blog almost since day 1 this gorgeous Woman blogs about  how much Murphy impacts on her life, which is something I am sure we can all relate to
  3. Like myself Lisa is a proud Granny who spends lots of quality time with her Grandchildren, she is also doing really well with her finances and her blog deserves a read.
  4. I have so enjoyed following the trials and tribulations of this young blogger, who armed with student debt is determined to push through and get her finances under control. She is also just about to embark on a whole new life
  5. And last but by no means lease, I love following Sam as she handles life as a single parent. you will also love her photos and commonsense outlook on life.
There are so many of my blogging friends I would have loved to have given this award to, so if I missed you out please know that I also think you are deserving...


  1. Why thank you Maureen! I have more than 200 followers though, does that count? :)!

    1. When I googled the award it said less than 300 followers.
      As far as I am concerned you more than deserve this award....

    2. I accept! Thanks so much!! :)!

  2. Well thank you - an award from little ol' you to little 'ol me! I love the other blogs you awarded also! I've won and lost a few things this past week so that'll be my post tomorrow. Thanks Maureen and a big CONGRATS to YOU!

    1. Can't wait to hear your news, even though I am still having the comment problem, I have taken to putting my comments on facebook for you, hope you don't mind....

  3. Only white underwear?! You're missing out on a world full of super cute undies!! ;) lol! Congrat's on the award!

    1. Apparently there is more than white out there, so I have no idea where my issues stem from.
      I love colour in every other aspect of my life...


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