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Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Happy Easter


A Very Happy Easter

How is your Easter break going so far ???
I am having a family orientated time kicking off yesterday with celebrating my Daughter's Birthday. Everyone came round to mine and as the weather was heavenly we spent all day outside, my Grandchildren love out huge yard, as we have a rope swing hanging from one of our larger trees. So the noise of their laughter could be heard for hours.
I really really tried to keep the cost of out food down while trying to put together a nice meal, here is a rundown of what we ate..


Bruschetta topped with Fetta
Haloumi Skewers in an oil, lemon and Oregano basting sauce


Fetta & Spinach Pie
Garden Salad


Hot X Buns

Everyone was stuffed after as there was loads to eat. I managed to keep the costs down as most of the dishes contained no meat, the cheeses were already in the fridge, the salad veg came from my own garden and I kept the amount of meat in the Lasagna to around the kilo mark with leftover Lasagna going into the freezer today for another meal. My Daughter-in-Law made the Fetta and Spinach Pie and my Son-in-Law provided the pavlova for his Wife's Birthday cake.
Everyone provided there own drinks and as I was given a bottle of Champagne for my Easter and The Foxx was given a bottle of red, we paid nothing for our booze.

Sticking to my plan of not spending over $50 on Birthday presents I managed to find a gorgeous steel grey jumper for my Daughter, then I teamed it up with a great scarf in a peach colour and with card and gift paper it all came to $41 great bargains and great looking presents she was delighted....

I made up Easter baskets for my Grandchildren very inexpensive and not too high on the sugar scale, so their parents were happy.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Easter and that the real spirit of it all is not forgotten....


  1. Happy Easter! Sounds like a yummy menu. I love bruschetta. I make it quite a bit.

    1. I agree it is so yummy and not expensive, when I had my Restaurant it was a favourite on the menu.....

  2. Lovely menu Maureen! Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Laura and have a great Easter......

  3. What a delicious menu! Happy Easter to you all.

    (And also...I am so glad to find another Aussie PF blogger!)

    1. Yes Fiona there are not that many of us. Happy easter

  4. nice menu Maureen! I love feta and haloumi

    1. I am a cheese girl, unfortunately I am wearing it on my hips just now.....

  5. Sounds lovely Maureen!! You sound so happy finding ways to cut costs yet enjoy what's truly special about the day:) I'm enjoying my peace and quiet but look forward to that ending later today as Michael and then Kazi comes home. It's nice to have a chance to "miss them" once in a while! It's been a VERY frugal weekend as a result. I'm still eating leftovers from our meal out Thursday night!
    Glad you had a family-oriented day and that your daughter was pleased with her birthday gift! You're doing great sticking to your goals Maureen!

    1. Jane you are right I am very happy.
      Other than our rather expensive family day the rest of the weekend was very inexpensive indeed. Mostly leftovers and pre-frozen meals.


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