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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slow and Steady with long deep breaths

I think anyone reading this will get where I,m coming from!!

I,ve been going at this budgeting and debt reduction like the hare, and getting disappointed and annoyed when my bank balance does,nt look any healthier, I,ve been only allowing myself the very minimum amounts for my jars, and never making it through the week so consequently no snowball money and that,s been upsetting me, if every other blogger has a snowball then why can,t I ?? ( that is my competetive streak coming out )

So let me introduce you to the hare, this budgetting blogging hare is never going to be rich, will never own her own home again, and may never have a Snowball ( I seem to remember all that snow was one of the reasons I left Scotland ) but by getting myself out of debt slowly and organising my budget in such a way that I can have all that life chucks at me and still manage my money. I will be a happier more contented person.

I started to think seriously about the way I was looking at my budget this morning, when my hubby told me I had been talking in my sleep and all he could make out was the words "not enough money" Now this does,nt sound to me as if I was having a restfull nights sleep. So I,m pulling it back a bit. No I,m not going to stop blogging, budgetting, keeping my accounts and saving. But I am going to stop stressing, and already I,m feeling better.

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  1. Slow and steady for sure!!! You can do it! Everyone has their own pace & way to do things... just find your groove & stick with it!

  2. Everyone is working with different numbers in different situations. Everyone has their own style of making things work. You will find yours.

  3. Always owe them money, you don't owe them your life.


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