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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost in August / July,s achievements


July was not the best Month in terms of actual savings, but it was a really good month in terms of goals set.

I wanted to give my Daughter the money I promised her towards her Wedding DONE

I wanted to clear all my bills DONE

I wanted to organise myself for my no spend August DONE

So now with only a couple of days left in July I,m sitting back and waiting to start my no spend month, the no spend month does not include my monthly bills these obviously still have to be met. I am going to use all money saved towards the Wedding and my housefull of guests at that time.
During the month of August I will still have to pay.

Landline/cabletv/internet package $200.00ish
Mobile $30.00
Debts $50.00 ( payments in place )
Everything else $300.00

Incomings $2,160.
Outgoings $600.00ish
Towards Wedding $1,560ish

I don,t like the ish,s but all Interstate or overseas call made are charged over and above my plan sometimes it can make as much as $30.00 of a difference. As long as I clear the $1,500 I will be a happy girl. Wish me luck.
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  1. That's a lot of great DONEs there. good work and I hope your plan for August goes well.

  2. I'm with Jolie, that's awesome about what you have completed in July! It sounds like you have some wiggle room in August. Weddings can be very expensive. Preparing for out of town guests can be even more expensive! :). Thanks for reminding me to budget for that for August. I'm hosting my daughter's bridal shower and have overnight guests coming for the whole weekend!


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