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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monopoly Money

Most of you won,t recognise this coin, it means absolutely nothing to you in terms of it,s value, and that,s been pretty much my undoing. I am not Australian by birth I emigrated to this beautiful country in 1986 along with Hubby and my 2 children. Scotland is the land of my birth, but nowadays I call Australia home. When we first arrived the British Pound was a very strong currency and we got $1.00 for every 40 pence we exchanged, I can remember thinking at the time that we had lots of money, and we spent it accordingly. I still laugh when I think of window shopping at a Butchers and being amazed at the low prices and the fact that it was,nt a pound of meat it was a kilo. So not only were we getting a great rate of exchange but everything from housing to sausages were cheaper. And somewhere amongst all that euphoria I lost the true value of a weekly wage. Things are a lot different now as prices rise and we have faced recession, but it,s taken me till now to wake up to myself and realise that this is not Monopoly Money it,s the Aussie dollar, and like it or not I don,t have enough of them in my bank.

Spends for today

$20.05 ( lunch out )

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  1. I'm not up on the exchange rates, or the currency for that matter. What is the difference between a kilo and a pound?

  2. There are 2.2lbs to a kilo. The exchange rates change almost daily, and the pound is not a strong currency at the moment.

  3. It's so easy to spend but so hard to save. My son told me yesterday he is going to take my mom to Australia. It's so sweet! Must be beautiful there.


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