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Friday, July 30, 2010

I,m Totally Confused


Before I rabbit on about finances I need some help, I am following some great blogs, and a few of them are on my blog page down the right hand side, but after setting that up I can no longer remember how I got them there, and I have added many more to my favourites, can anyone out there with more computer savvy than me tell me how I get them from my dashboard to my blog, many thanks.

Today was my last July pay day, and I have already put aside my $300 to get me through August. Tomorrow I will do a grocery shop put fuel in my car and have my last coffee out, then it,s all hands on board for no spend month.
I have warned absolutely everyone from family and friends to neighbours and workmates, although it now looks like September before I return to work. So everyone is now waiting for me to fall at the first hurdle and that aint gonna happen. I will post daily and count down the days and my money, wish me luck.
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  1. go to design in the top right.... you should be able to add to your list at that point... (go to your 'my blog list' and then it will prompt you to add)

    good for you!!! I am with you!!! :) we will do awesome

  2. Much luck with your no spend month. I'm sure it will work our just fine :) I know you can do it!!

  3. Sorry but I,m still not getting the favourite blogs thing, and I don,t want to upset any of my blogging friends. HELP !!!!!

    Thanks for your support xxxx


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