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Friday, July 2, 2010

July,s Budget and Tax Stuff

I have found a way to hold my hand which allows me to type very slowly and as I have been mad keen to get my budget into my blog, I don,t mind how long it takes me.

July has 5 pay days in it for me and so a lot of my outgoings for the Month have been broken down into 5 payments, this should help me get through the month on a reduced wage ( 85% as mentioned in an earlier post ) but I salary sacrifice a small amount and also make a small contribution into my Super annuation every week, which will not be made by Australian Workcover and so 85% of that amount will come directly to me as well as which, and here comes the big drumroll, I have just had a payrise of around 50c an hour, so after all that I,m hoping that I don,t see too big a difference in my weekly wage.

Tax year here in Australia starts on the 1st of July and from that date on we can put in our tax returns, mine is really straight forward as their is nothing I can claim for except some Laundry and Work clothes, and so I have already done mine online of course and I am due back $1,682.90.
I really did,nt expect as much as this but we have had a number of Tax cuts in the last few years add to that the fact that I,m classed as "a low paid worker" and also I automatically qualify for $500.00 as I,m over 55. So thanks to the ATO.

Outgoings for July

Telephone $220.00 (1 payment money already saved )
Telephone $200.00 (5 payments of $ 40.00 )
Electricity $140.00 (5 payments of $28.00 )
Mobile $ 30.00 (1 payment 10th July standing order )
Car Registration $100.00 (5 payments of $20.00 )
Debt $50.00 (2 payments of $25.00 )

Food $500.00 (5 payments of $100.00 )
Petrol $50.00 (2 payments of $25.00 )
Me Money $100.00 ( $20.00 a week )
Layby $30.00 ( 1 payment made today )

Again I have given myself a very tight budget as this is the month that I am hoping to be able to give my Daughter the $2,000,00 I promised her towards her Wedding, this should be possible now that I am getting my tax rebate this month. I am not going to be in a position to go out much this Month as I am not allowed to drive, however a good friend and I are going to go to the Movies every week as a bit of a treat for me while I am stuck at home, and possibly my petrol allowance for the month may go towards taxi,s to keep Hospital appointments. Luckily the Hospital is not to far away.

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