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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good News Today

I got some good news this morning from the Real Estate Management Team we lease our house through. Apparently the owners of the home have listened to our request for new flooring in the living areas, and in a few weeks time we will be getting, nice shiny new hardwood floors. And not long after that we will be getting new carpet treatments for the rest of the rooms. Yippee this should all be done by the time visitors start arriving for the Wedding.

I intend to have a no spend day today, and also put some plans into action which should hopefully see me earning a little extra income, this will be a slow process, and as it,s still in the putting together stages I,m not ready to talk about it yet.

By the way this is not my home but it is the type of flooring we will have soon.
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  1. new flooring? That's going to be fantastic! a reno you don't have to pay for before the Big Day.

  2. That's great Maureen; I love that flooring :-)

  3. I LOVE hardwoods! It will be beautiful!

  4. Thanks girls I am so looking forward to seeing them rip up the old tacky flooring and putting down the new. Now to speak to the Grandchildren about wearing their skates indoors. LOL

  5. That is so exciting!! You are going to love hardwood floors. My whole house is hardwood floors. I had some different throw rugs, until my dog decided they were his territory (if you know what I mean)



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