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Sunday, July 25, 2010

At Last Husbands On Board


I can,t believe it,s finally happened, after a disasterous weekend in which Hubby managed to end up with nothing in his wallet, he has decided to start budgeting and saving, the downside is that,s it,s still going to be him and me, but every journey starts with a single step and this is the step. I could hardly sleep last night, I was mentally budgeting his wages, my wages, combined wages, I just got so exited. I,m going to have to rein some of that exitement back because knowing him like I do, if I go in all hot and heavy he will back off. That,s just the kind of guy he is.

Next Month sees my no spend Month so this could,nt have happened at a better time for us, Friday is my last pay for July so I will clear of as many bills as I can ( most of the money is already put away ) and stock up my pantry for the month and see how I go. Unfortunately my 60th Birthday fall exactly half way through the month but I think that everyone except me should be spending. LOL :) I am just about to email my nearest and dearest and tell them about my no spend August so they don,t expect me to go out anywhere expensive. Picnics and family BBQ,s for me for a while.

I,m excited
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  1. Good luck girl! I am happy if I just have a NO SPEND day.....I think a month might kill me!

    Oh, and it is excited.....exited is if you leave, which is what I should have done yesterday! (that is the inner editor in me. :-)

  2. Thanks LeighAnn I,ve fixed it but maybe I exited my English class before we got to the spelling lesson LOL :)

  3. that is awesome!!!! so looking forward to a new month! I need a new budget to start with ;)

  4. You can do it Maureen! And with your husband being on board, it will be that much easier. I got my idea and loads of inspiration from Rachel at Small Notebook.

    Or you can click on her side bar labeled "money" and it will bring you to her last three no spend months.

    I'll be cheering you on all the way!!!

  5. that's very exciting news! congrats.

  6. Wow a no spend month! How inspirational :) I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm loving what I'm reading. Look forward to following your jounrey. If you have a chance pop by my blog and say hi!


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