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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Countdown to no spend August


It,s 8.55pm on the 28th of July here in Australia, and that means only 3 days left until my no spend August kicks in. So today I went through what needs to be paid during the month, I,ve also checked through my cupboards, freezer, fridge, pantry even through my wardrobe. And as far as I can see I,m all set to go.

I,m definitely going to be wanting some cheap and cheerful recipes to help me through, just don,t forget it,s Winter over here, so some foods may not be in season, but my pantry is quite well stocked, so I should make it through.

I am going to try and get through August with only $300. this is going to cover food, petrol, and entertainment I will be buying nothing else. As I am still not back at work and probably won,t be for the full month, my petrol costs will be low, and I won,t need packed lunches, those are the pluses the minuses are because I am home just now everyone feels sorry for me and I am fighting off all the invitations to meet for lunch/coffee/dinner but I,ll be honest and tell friends and family why I,m not going to be joining them, maybe they will be happy to come round here for coffee and some inexpensive home made biscuits ( recipes please )

I decide to up my monthly amount to $300 as I have to cater for a Diabetic MIL and a Hubby who has a heart condition as well as Leukemia, which fortunately is in remission, but there are certain foods and supplements he just can,t be without.

There are two of us bloggers doing this so we will be supporting each other, thanks JPKittie, who else wants to join us ???
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  1. Awesome! you are getting ready!!!! I think I have everything going right on this end as well - for me it may be a bit different then 'no spend' but will be a 'spend less' we have back to school for dd (1st grade bound the end of august) Come on August - I'm ready!!!

  2. Oh good luck with the challenge Maureen; not sure that I can join you as we have a lot of expense coming up, but I'll be a cheerleader if you want :-)

  3. I will be there to support you Maureen, but I believe we will be taking a much needed break. I will still stay within a budget, but I'm looking forward to a little breathing room.

    $300.00 is not very much. That is a challenge for sure! But you can do it!!!!


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