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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bye July

According to my clock it,s only a little over 3 hours until I start my No Spend August, I think I cheated a little bit by buying more groceries today than I usually buy, there were two reasons for this and one was I wanted to put some extra staples into the pantry as I don,t ever overstock so I knew what I had in there was not going to see me through until September. The second reason was that the least often I go to the shops the less opportunity there is for buying anything, so there is method in my madness. This way I spent an extra $40.00 on staples but I am going to benefit by saving on petrol and cups of coffee. Roll on tomorrow, I can,t wait to get started


  1. so happy to be starting a new month with new goals.... wish I was able to do a total no spend month! Maybe after the new year... (september will bring more misc school stuff just starting off the year, october is my favorite month that includes dd bday, november has thanksgiving & black friday & december christmas... yikes! No spend in January! haha...)

  2. You can do it Maureen, you are determined. There's nothing wrong with adding staples to your kitchen. It definitely will keep you out of the stores and spending more! I will be following you every day! Looking forward to it!!!


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