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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Awareness Moment

At last the moment has arrived and I have become aware that this is going to be a long slow journey back to security, my Tax cheque is firmly in my bank account, my wages are due into the same account on Friday and I have put aside the money I promised my Daughter towards her Wedding. All my bills are paid up to date my car is registered and insured, and I,m in a really good place. I,ve stopped sweating the small stuff, so what if I,ve got nothing to very little in my jars, I enjoy buying for my Grandchildren, and so the occasional little treats are not going to stop so I have snowflakes to roll on at the end of the month. although I love to see how well my fellow bloggers are doing this is my journey and I wont be happy if Im not doing it my way.

On a more personel level I have just had my second hand operation done and at only 3 weeks after the first one, I now have two hands which are not in full working order, which is the reason so much time has lapsed since my last post. But this has not been a bad thing as it,s given me time to reavaluate my budget and slacken off a little.

I am going to do something this week which I have never ever done before and that is to formally complain to a Company about one of their employees. this young gentleman ?? ( I,m questioning his right to be called a gentleman ) Was rude and condescending to me while I was trying to speak to him about his Assistant who was having some trouble with her till and my order, she was a trifle slow and at that point I was respecting the Company for giving her a go. I was thinking that we really are a long way away from the times when young handicapped people were treated badly. And while I tried to make him understand the problem he kept cutting me off, and ended up saying I KNOW to me. Excuse me I said to him "how can you possibly know when you are not listening to me" I am trying to speak to my staff member he said not even lifting his eyes to look at me, clearing the till is my first priority, again not looking up. I beg your pardon I said but your customers are your first priority, by this time steam was coming out my ears, well after I gave him a real dressing down I took his name and told him I was going to report him, and this grumpy old Woman will. Obviously there were other things said but you get my gist, he even managed to get another customer on his side, a young teenage girl decided I was the cause of all the trouble and called me names. What do you have to do to stay on the right side of counter assistants, let them walk all over you. ?????
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  1. Wow, Maureen, that was really rude of him! I'm surprised you stayed as calm as you did! Definitely write the letter...

    There is nothing worse that incredibly disrespectful teenagers and young adults. I wouldn't have dreamed of treating someone older than me that way when I was younger. They just don't care...but don't get me started on that one...

  2. Hi Maureen, just wanted to drop by and let you know that I've added you to my blogroll now, and subscribed to your RSS feed. :)

  3. Thanks Sharon I definitely will be reporting him, I,ve just got to find head office and then I,ll email them.

    Krystal thanks for that.
    Being new to blogging and a bit green round the computer, I,m not sure what a RSS feed is ???

  4. While I'm on the opposite end of the Personal Finance spectrum from you (just starting out and in debt!), I love your blog. I agree that customer service workers like that have no right to treat you like that, no matter what the problem is to begin with.

    Certainly some people in customer service industries (even some counter workers at the college where I work!) don't understand how important it is to be friendly and SMILE! At least, that's what I was taught, and I'm young ... anyway, I hope your complaint is heard and you get an apology!


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