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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who,s a lucky girl then ? Flowers and budgets.

Today I received a bunch of my favourite flowers the awesome Iris, I hope Hubby does,nt have a guilty conscience !!

Believe it or not I decided to see if I would still be able to keep within a budget next Month as my wages will be reduced and according to my figures and barring any unforseen disasters I should be able to save $1,000.00. As well as this my tax cheque should arrive about the middle of the Month and I am hoping to receive around $800.00. I can,t believe it I promised my Daughter a couple of thousand towards her Wedding and I am right on track for doing it. I can,t wait for July now.

Spends for the day
Cake $5.00 ( I am working tomorrow and providing dessert as it,s a public holiday )
Cat biscuits and bin bags $5.00
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  1. Flowers and for no reason! You are a lucky girl! I love flowers, and irises are sooo pretty!

    Good job on helping out your daughter with her wedding!! Very kind of you!

  2. Look at are doing so good!

    I love those flowers too! I love tulips and gerber daisies as well!

    Keep up the good work!


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