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Friday, June 4, 2010

I accomplished this today !!!!!

Payday today and I usually hate this day with a vengeance, if ever I was down my hubby used to " say what,s wrong with you is it payday already" that,s how affected I was by my financial ups and downs. But today I feel great, not any better off but great nevertheless. I stuck the labels on my jars and I have money in my petrol jar, my entertainment jar and my holiday jar, as well as a little money left from my Grocery shopping in my Grocery jar. Also today I paid a large bill and it,s now looking good to start saving in earnest by July. This is my breakdown.

Incomings : wages $500.03
:MIL,s Grocery money $50.00


  • Bill $350.00 ( this one was way overdue )
  • Petrol $20.00 ( $5.00 left of my estimated amount for the week )
  • Groceries $147.85 ( this included fish and chips for tea )
  • Shampoo $8.00 ( I had completely run out )
  • Potato masher $4.35 ( last one broke after 20 years )

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  1. You feel great because you've taken control of your money; it's empowering!
    Well done. so pleased for you :-)


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