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Friday, June 18, 2010

A successful payday

Today was payday and I have now completed my backlog of bills, registered my car, and have made a start on putting money away for next Months round of bills.
The breakdown was.

Wages & overtime $667.28
Mother in laws Grocery money $50.00

Car registration $ 392.00 ( overdue )
Groceries $150 ( normal amount )
Cake and coffee $11.40 ( my turn to buy )
Petrol $25.00 ( still in the jar )
My spends personal stuff $27.45 ( my Avon bill )
New pair of black pants $20.00 ( for weekend away )
Debt $30.00 ( a fortnightly payment )
Car Rego $20.00 ( started jar for next payment )

A quick roundup was money in $717.28
money out $675.85

So still nothing done as far as savings go, but there is money in the petrol jar and my spends jar, and most of all I have put away money for the next round of bills, all my debts are being attended to and I am sleeping better at night.

I sent off the money for my weekend aways accomodation I had it in a jar so I hav,nt added it to this weeks total spends, my share of the bill for 2 nights is $100.00 as there are 6 of us going. we are having Dinner in on the Friday night and going out for Thai on the Saturday. this is going to be a bit of a test for me as it is the first time I will be trying to keep my spends down while in company. I don,t want to be continually worrying about how much is in my purse, but I also don,t want to blow my budget.
Any tips on how to manage a balance would be appreciated.
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  1. Is that what Australian money looks like??

    I love paydays. Glad you got a lot paid off with your payday. Mine is next Friday, can't wait!

  2. Can you divide the money up into different envelopes or pile for each of the days of your vacation. Then you're only juggling one days worth in your head (or writing it on the envelope if you want).

  3. Remember you owe them money, you don't owe them your life.

    I do horrible when I am on vacation. You have to really motivate yourself. Funny thing is, when you walk away from something you might want, you really didn't want it. Don't buy anyone anything while gone....that adds up and causes clutter for them. Just think about the junk you get from people when they come back from vacation! :-)

    Focus on the fact that you will have to post on here what you spent and you would much rather get a "GREAT JOB" rather than a "You'll do better next time".

    Have fun!

  4. Thanks for the feedback I intend to be really cautious with my money while still allowing myself to have a good time. If they ( my friends )are not happy with my decision to turn my life around then they are not the kind of friends I need.


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