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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not happy at all

I,m really not happy with myself, I overspent on Saturday and although I was upfront about it, I feel as if I cheated myself. It all started with me returning to the shopping centre on Saturday to meet my Daughter for coffee.

When I got there I remembered that I needed hair dye, I,m going away for the weekend and then getting my Carpel Tunnel Op. the following day so I won,t be able to use my hands to do my hair so it was now or never for the hair colour. NOT BUDGETED FOR $ 14.50

My Daughter went off to keep an appointment leaving me with my Grandchildren and because I can refuse them nothing it was Hungry Jacks all round, and MIL was there so it was for 4 NOT BUDGETED FOR $26.50

Mother-in-law went off to the ladies while I was left to pick up a couple of things she wanted to make a pot of soup, I was left to pay for them and the weeks Groceries had already been bought!! NOT BUDGETED FOR $4.60

So all up a total for NOT BUDGETED ITEMS for $45.60 and I,m really annoyed about it. Am I getting obsessive about my budget ??? I would,nt be at all surprised I tend to go at things at full speed and then fall off the wagon.

On the plus side I,ve just had 3 no spend days.


  1. It's so hard when you're trying not to spend and the small amounts really do add up :-(

    I have to admit when I first started to really cut back I avoided the shops/mall at all costs, it was the only way I could do it.

    Have you told your daughter/MIL what you are trying to do; it might help :-)

  2. Yes I have told them, but it seems as if the small amounts get overlooked. If I decided I wanted to buy myself some new clothing then they would immediately tell me "NO remember your budget" but if I said lets go home instead of having coffee at the Mall they would think I was going to far.

  3. I would let them think that you're going too far ;-) ....without sounding harsh, this is your retirement appraoching Maureen and they need to help you to get debt free; the small amounts really do add up :-0

  4. I think it's awesome you keep track of what you didn't budget for.

    Some of my friends use to not understand the sacrifices I made (like avoiding coffee) but now they have gathered more debt over the two years where I have been paying mine off and finally get it.

    It's really tough for people to understand our discipline


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