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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Frugal Ebay Lounge

I was commenting on a post today from a fellow blogger who was asking what she would need to decorate her first home, and I suggested she try Ebay if she was looking for bargains. This is precisely what we did when we moved from a home with 1 living area to a home with 2 areas. So in the photo the Lounge suite with matching cushions, the coffee table, all the lamps and on the wall you can,t see we have a matching entertainment centre, all bought by bidding on Ebay. Last month we bid on and won an LG Dishwasher in perfect working order for $23.04 obviously there are a lot of people not prepared to take the seller at there word when they say the machine is still working. And we are loving not having to fight over the dishes every night. Most of the bits and pieces for my Daughters Wedding we picked up on Auction sites. I don,t think our home reflects how we buy our furniture as we have been very choosy, but it was cheap and that,s part of the fun for me knowing that nobody else would guess.

Today was a no spend day for me
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  1. OMG I ADORE THAT TABLE AND COUCH!! I didnt even realize you can get that stuff on eBay. Too cool!

    No spend day......woohoo!!!

  2. Wow you do well with eBay, I can never seem to find furniture I like; I bought a lamp that I loved a few weeks ago, and then the seller emailed to tell me it was broken; I don't have much luck!


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