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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jars, overtime and conversations

Today I printed out the labels for my jars so now they are labeled
  • petrol
  • clothing
  • Entertainment
  • travelling
  • Groceries

Everything else I pay by Bpay or direct debit, so it would be silly of me to take it out of the bank, if I am lucky enough to have any money left at the end of the week then any money left over will go into savings, I get paid weekly ( very weakly ) and payday is a Friday so roll on tomorrow. I managed to squeeze a few overtime hours out of the company I work for this week, I wont get paid them until next Friday and the extra money is going to go towards my weekend away at the end of the month. I had only allowed myself $100.00 for the weekend but with 2 nights board and a few meals out I definitely underestimated.

I was sitting having morning tea with the girls I work beside today, they all went to the food van that stops at our door and I took out my couple of biscuits and a yogurt that I had brought from the house, as well as a cup of coffee which our work provides free of charge. I was mentally counting up how much they spend daily on eating junk, and was estimating it to be at least $15.00 each, which over the course of the week is $75.00 spent on rubbish. I have always taken my food to work with me, and although it makes my weekly shopping bill a little higher as I also give my hubby a packed lunch, I,m sure it is way below what they are all spending. So armed with this information I got onto the subject of budgets and without going into all the details I was telling them about me curbing my spending. One of the girls said she did,nt bother to budget but used her credit card a lot, and both of the others thought that they managed their money really well. It was,nt my place to tell them that they could do a lot better simply by cutting down on money wasted at the food van. We all have our areas that we overindulge in and now that I realise that I,m going to make a success of budgeting.

A no spending day today

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  1. I love the weakly comment! You are doing so good. Your day inspired me! Keep it up!


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