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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Daughters Wedding Photo

Today my MIL gave me back $50.00 that she owed me I had completely forgotten that I was going to get it back, it was,nt part of my budget, so what to do with a little extra money. Well as I have mentioned in earlier blogs my Daughter is getting married in November and her Dad and I are giving them money towards the costs, but I know she has heart set on getting a red food mixer as one of her Wedding gifts, so here it is and according to the user manual it does everything except the dishes. Hope she is pleased.

Spends for today

Foodmixer $149.00 ( my share $50.00 )
Coffee And Doughnuts for two $10.00
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  1. That is so cool looking! And I can't believe it pays your bills too!....oh, it doesn't? Well fine, then it should at least do the dishes!

    I saw the title "Wedding Photo" and then saw this. I thought....hmm...funny, your daughter looks a lot like a mixing bowl!

  2. LeighAnn this is the first time I have ever tried adding a picture to my post and I was so concerned about doing it that I wrote the wrong thing on my heading. I,m not very computer savvy and I admire all the beautiful blogs I read, especially yours, so please forgive me for misleading you. My Daughter is 68in tall with dark hair and blue eyes, although her hips are kind of a round, like a mixing bowl LOL


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