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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All work and no play

I have just had 3 no spending days in a row, and if everything goes to plan tomorrow will be a nother one.

I had to go to the Specialist,s yesterday after work as I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome as I have to have both hands operated on. I am covered by Workcover who will pay all my medical expenses and 85% of my wages until I return to work. All up I will need about 7 weeks off of work. The operation is done in 2 stages the right hand will be done first and 3 weeks later the left, this means that I should manage to do all the little personal things by myself. If they had to do them both at the same time I would need assistance to do the most basic things.

I have been doing a few extra hours over the last few days and the overtime money will go into my wages on Friday, and as my operation is on the 28th of this month any extra money I can squirrel away is a bonus. Money in today was my MIL,s board of $100.00 for the month, I find it embarrassing to take this money from her but she says that she can,t stay here comfortably without putting a little into the kitty.

And so today we have

Incomings $100.00
Outgoings A no spend day.

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