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Friday, June 11, 2010

A costly Friday

Big Big day today it usually is on Payday, I put money into my Petrol jar, my entertainment jar and my holiday jar as well as paying money towards my debt and bringing my Telephone/Internet/Foxtel account up to date. I cleared of a layby on some lanterns for my Garden to be lit during the Wedding, as well as buying myself a warm pair of pyjamas for my weekend away with some friends. This is a holiday weekend here in Oz and I was really looking forward to some R and R, unfortunately the lure of the Dollar has me working on Monday, it,s all money in the bank and with only 2 weeks to go until my Operation, I need all the money I can get, as I will be on a reduced wage.


Wages $611.00

  • Telstra Bill $234.00
  • Debt Payment $25.00
  • Groceries $100.00
  • Petrol $25.00
  • Layby $80.00
  • Pyjamas $30.00
  • Entertainment $20.00
  • Holiday $100.00

Total Outgoings $614.00

As you can see more out than in, but as I,ve mentioned before I am behind with most payments, but having said that I am almost there, next weeks biggy will be my car rego and then I can relax a bit, but only a bit, as the next round of bills will be in and I want to get on top of them early.

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