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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Staying With my Son's Family

It's very unlike me to post without a photo of some description, but I am on my Son's PC which I am quite unfamiliar with.

Thursday is my bill paying day ( not household ) I tend to pay the house one week and my debts the next, I am only kidding myself on that it makes our money last a bit longer. The Foxx gets paid fortnightly so this works for us.....

Long Standing Debt                 $25.00
Police Fine                               $45.00
Gas Account Repayment Plan $50.00
Food                                         $100
Fuel                                          $25.00
Toll Account                            $25.00

Glad to say that this was the last payment on my fine, another one bites the dust. So I will increase the payments towards the Gas Account next fortnight this was a Restaurant Debt so I am going to be throwing everything at it soon. I topped up my road tolls account as I pass through tolls both coming and going to my Son's house. The food bill will hopefully be cut this week as my cupboards are pretty full, plus MIL has still to put in her money. Not much else to say on the financial front.

Hang on a minute did I really say nothing to report can't believe I forgot to say that the letter I have been waiting for regarding my UK pension arrived and it is back money they put into my account, yes that's right I get to keep it all.

About 2 hours after I posted about my Grandson's arrival I got a phonecall from my Son asking if I could please come and stay for a few days to watch my Granddaughter as the baby and Mum are still in hospital. Apparently due to the break up of the placenta his blood sugars are low making him very jittery. As 80% of the blood sugars feed the baby's brain this was of concern and so he is on a drip which should stabalise him until Mum's milk comes in, which should hopefully be today.
We are not unduly worried about this little hiccup it's just so frustrating as he is now in The Special Care baby unit, away from Mum.
Hopefully by Saturday they will both be back home and then I will go back home, at the moment I am making myself useful I have the Hoover out and all the washing is up to date. Now to start on Dinner.

And yes I have had my first cuddle, I wore a mask and had a couple of minutes with our new addition, when his older Sister was born she was a little clone of her Mum, this time the baby looks like my Son. I got a little choked when I saw such a familiar baby. WELL Granny's are allowed are'nt they ?????

Just a quick thank you for all your support and good wishes I know this is a financial blog, so thanks for putting up with all my Granny chat..


  1. Oh, I hope the baby feels better very soon, and they both go home! But I'm glad you got to hold the little guy :) And I'm happy there is no mistake about the money and it's all yours :)

  2. Thanks Lena, I feel good just knowing I have that little cushion....

  3. That is just awesome about the back pay!! What a gift! And by the way, this is YOUR blog so you get to write about anything you want to! And babies are so much nicer than dollars and cents!

    1. Thanks Jane I agree babies are pretty awesome.
      Loving having that nice little cushion sitting in my bank....

  4. LOL! It's not "putting up" with the Granny news...I was hanging out to hear about the new baby! I'd get choked up too if one day I get a grandson looking like my son as a beautiful.

    That is SO fantastic about the pension money!!! -Fiona

    1. You are too kind Fiona, we Grannies tend to prattle on.

  5. Awww... congratulations on being a new grandma! I peeked below and he's beautiful!! :) I hope he recovers quickly! I had the same thing with one of my girls (low blood sugar, etc...) as soon as my milk came in all went well!!

  6. Thanks for the reassurance I am hoping they get him home today ( Monday ) My Son has all sorts of scenarios the worst one being that his little son will be diabetic, off now to tell him about your comment....


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