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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pension and Superannuation Frustration


Today I'm Chasing Money

Last night a received a phonecall from a lovely lady in England, she told me she was just about to process my aged pension claim when she noticed I had not added my banking details to the forms. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had sent off the forms and expected to hear from them round about Christmas. So imagine my surprise to learn that apart from the banking details we are ready to go.
I don't remember there being anywhere on the form for these details, but I suppose there must have been. Anyway she gave me a fax number for me to forward on all the necessary information. She also mentioned that she would send me a form to fill in in the unlikely chance that they do not receive my fax.
Did I say unlikely!!!! I feel like swearing as I wrote out a letter to fax off to them, made my way down to the Post Office, and the b****y fax would not go. I have googled the details for the UK Pension Dept and the fax number there is different in every way from the numbers she gave me. so it looks as if I will have to wait until I receive the form and this is going to slow down my application.


I also contacted the Australian Tax Dept. yesterday as they have Superanuation of mine which I am still waiting to receive, so imagine how annoyed I was to hear that they are way behind and have not even started the processing, but while I have you on the line I will have a look at your forms she gaily said.
Wait a minute you have not had your photo ID certified looks as if we cant go any further until you send in certified copies of your drivers License. Go any further !!! you hav'nt even started I felt like yelling at her. So while down at the Shopping Centre to fax off the Pension details........ I photocopied the License but it will be around 6 o'clock tonight ( 5 hours away )  before there will be anybody available to certify my copy.

So ask me if I'm mad, ask me if I'm frustrated and ask me if forms are getting too complicated for this old addled brain to take in....YES.....YES......YES.....


  1. What a royal pain in the arse!! They're making you earn every cent of that money as if you hadn't already! Breathe deeply my dear and hang in there - good things come to those who wait or some such malarkey!

    1. It absolutely was a right royal pain, but they are away now ( the forms )and I am a happy bunny. Now I am just waiting for the money to come rolling in...

  2. It's never easy getting what we are entitled to is it, if they want money off us we are expected to cough up straight away!!

    Sue xx

    1. Imagine you trying to tell the Tax dept. you were running behind and they would have to wait...

  3. Maureen,
    I see a red flag with the first phone call..Someone asking for your bank information? Are you sure they are part of your annuation?? Do not send any info unless you know for sure! I would hate to have someone get into your bank account.

  4. Sharon I never even thought of that, OMG what have I done ?????? Although the information I gave them would only be of use if they were going to be putting money into my account, no passwords or pin numbers were handed out Whewwww.....

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