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Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Goals

Goals For June

I have not been setting any monthly goals of late being content to let each month take care of itself, I had gotten myself into a bit of a payment and spending routine and I was not challenging myself in any way. So June will be a little different, I am going to set some goals and they are.

Savings = $1,000

 I have worked out that I will be adding $880.00 to our savings this month. If I can keep my Grocery bill down I would like to see that figure climbing up to $1,000.

Groceries = $400

I allow myself $100 a week for food and household needs, but MIL adds another $50 to that and if I try really hard I am sure I can get that figure down. Allowed $400 hoping to get my fuel off of this amount.

Bills = $500

 Adding all our bills up for the month the total should read around the $450.00 mark this includes the rent to buy scheme for our PC. We will put aside $500 anything left over at the end of the month will go into July's budget.

Debt = $600

Around $600 will be set aside for debt. For the household debts this is only our CC and for my failed business I will be using $250. I do  intend to pay more off of my debt each month so any extra money earned by The Foxx or any Ebay sales money plus my snowflakes will go straight into paying this off quicker.

House Payment = $1,480

This is our rent and as private rental is so damn expensive this costs us $1,480.00 monthly. Actually this covers us for only 4 weeks so in a month when we have to make 5 payments this can become a bit of a stretch. But we are 2 weeks in advance with our payments, so no stress there.

Misc. = $00.00

I am allowing myself nothing for entertainment, clothing, or presents this month. I overspent on my Grandchildren last week buying each of them a new Winter outfit and of course buying for the baby as well as sending his Mum and Dad flowers when he was born. I also sent flowers to my Mum when she came out of hospital and I bought a gift for my Sister-in-law's Birthday last Friday. Did I budget for any of this expense no, which means in came from my pensions back money. I want every dollar to be accounted for, so fun over, it's back to being Mrs Frugal

Holiday Fund = Approx.$350

 We are going away in August and I would love it if we did not have to dip into savings to fund this. Our goal is to get ourselves some scoopon deals before we head off which should pay for all our entertainment in advance. So any deals we see will come out of this fund. I am putting my little pension into this fund can't wait to see how far I can stretch it.

I will come back to this list and check it off as I go through the month, hopefully there will be no variables. Murphy stay away......


  1. Congrats on the grand baby! And good luck on your goals this month!

    1. Oh thanks so much he is gorgeous.
      Having left no room for error I need luck to get me through this month....

  2. Good luck on your goals! You sound really committed to them.

  3. Juhli I am committed I realy need to pull my horns in and get some money in the bank...

  4. Ok, I'll be watching you...! AND you can watch me! This is a frugal month for me too as May was NUTS! So far so good. I have spent very little and just on food and gas for the car. I have not bought ONE single bottle of wine, that must be a record for me LOL! BUT tomorrow I am getting together with a couple of girlfriends to celebrate all of our birthdays so i will spend a bit on that. We aren't going out however, we're having a house party so that will be MUCH less expensive. For what I'd pay for a glass of wine in a bar I can buy a whole bottle at the liquor store! More for me!
    Is that grandbaby home yet??

    1. Yes Jane he got home on Monday, so all it returning to normal or as near normal as we ever get. LOL
      So it's heads down and bums up this month, you bet i'll be watching you ....

  5. I'm having a *tight* month as well, Maureen! I'm expecting our already low income to drop by around $400 in July, so i'm saving every penny I can!! Good luck with your budget this month!


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