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Monday, May 28, 2012

This is So Frustrating

No Baby Yet

For those of you like myself who have been waiting to meet my new Grandson, the news is.... NOTHING..... all labour has slowed to almost non existant and nothing that is being done to speed it along has worked. My DIL is a hypno-birthing practitioner and wants to have as painfree and manageable a labour and birth at home as possible. Her sister who works with her and her midwife who advocates home deliveries are also with her. But her Mum and I want her to go to the hospital get some help to get those contractions moving along and then we want a nice pink healthy Grandson. To Hell with all this new age stuff, we just want it over.

Nothing on the financial front, today although I do have my menus all made out for this week and my Pantry Fridge and Freezer are all looking nice and full. I will be staying home today as I am waiting to see if my youngest Granddaughter will be dropped of at my house for a liitle spoiling before her new brother arrives.

That's it folks so fingers crossed...


  1. I dont know ho i would have coped having long labours must be a nightmare,Hope your feeling better?

    1. Feeling way better, but no news as yet .....

  2. Oh, that is a looong wait for a baby! I hope DIL is doing well...hopefully some news by morning. It's so nerve-wracking to be waiting at home and wondering!

  3. Good Night Nurse as my gramma used to say!! At this point I would say to heck with it - get it out of me NOW! But it's not me (thankfully) so I guess we continue to wait. It's gotta be soon though!


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