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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Have Had The Famine Now I Have The Feast


I'm In The Money

Since I last posted I have received my Superannuation money back from the Tax Dept. This was co-contributions and came to $585 so now my bank balance is even healthier and still untouched. I have received no notification as yet from the UK and I am still somewhat scared to think $4,800 that they sent me is mine... However I have now made up my mind how this money will be used.

As The Foxx and I have very little time left where we will be in a position to buy new furniture, we have decided to buy a Lounge Suite, one which will last us well into our retirement a comfortable one which we will feel comfortable with allowing our Grandchildren to sit, eat, play, jump on. Our present suite is covered in a light coloured linen which has not stood the test of time and was never comfy to start with. We have a gorgeous suite in our formal Lounge room but this one will be for our Family living area and we are thinking leather.
Expensive I hear you say Ebay I hear myself say, yes The Foxx and I are looking to buy a good suite on the cheap, the search starts today with The Foxx heading off to have a look at one we saw listed yesterday. If the quality and condition are any good we may have found one already so fingers crossed.

$2,600 will be put into an emergency fund which we are hoping to be able to add too, and the rest will be put towards debt. We have very little now owing on our CC and have no mortgage or car payments so all that is left is my debts from The Restaurant and as I have been plugging away at them, they are now only Utilities. Can't wait to hear from two of the debt collecting companies who still have not been in touch, then arrangements can be finalised. Yippee this puts me in a place I never thought I would be again, comfortable with staying at home and no longer scared to open mail or answer the phone.

My Son has just phoned me and it looks as if my new Grandson will be putting in an appearance today, my DIL was in labour all night, although it seems to have slackened off a bit just now it's 8.30am on the 28th May so depending on her blood pressure she is happy to stay home for a while yet. Unfortunately due to what has turned into a chest infection I have been advised by my doctor not to go near them, how frustrating is that after waiting 9 months I get ill right when it counts Grrrrr

Will Keep You All Posted


  1. Sounds like things are looking up for you financially! :) Hope you find a good deal on the furniture! Feel better soon & let us know about the new addition when you hear!! :)

  2. Thanks Carla hoping this Suite suits our needs and is a good quality....

  3. Oh I hope you get better soon so you can go and cuddle the little one. How exciting.

  4. That is so awesome!I hope the labor will go well for your DIL and they both will be healthy and strong! I do hope you feel better very very soon to go hold the baby.

  5. No news as yet, but I did ask them to hold on until I get better LOL

  6. Great news on the debt busting must be a huge weight off your mind.Shame your not feeling well.Happy pushing Maureen's DIL.

    1. She has'nt been pushing hard enough LOL 24 hours later we still have no baby.

  7. I can just hear the excitement in your voice (well, you know what I mean:)! I am happy for you in so many ways - debt reduction, no fear to answer the phone (how awful was THAT!!), a new grandson well on his way, an EMERGENCY FUND, and new to you furniture (hopefully soon!) plus of course your new monthly pension! Sending congrats and hugs your way! Get well soon!

  8. Jane thank you, you know that expression " Just Breathe " well that is me......

  9. I was looking back at your posts and wondered if you considered washable slipcovers for the furniture you have? That might let you put more money in your emergency fund and we all know emergencies will come up despite our best efforts.


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